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Our LTR Programs are focused on manageable groups within an environment best suited for the task at hand … learning to ride. Whether that means first turns or getting an extra rotation in the mix, we break it down one step at a time, and focus on individual learning styles for the best personalized experience.

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No one needs to clear a 50 foot gap on their first jump. Nor does your first rail need to have a few kinks as it sits atop a staircase. Start easy, or as it’s said in Smart Style: Easy Style It. Progression Parks are designed to let riders increase their comfort level with features slowly progressing in size & difficulty. You’re never too old to try.

Check out the Progression Park at the top of Chair 3; turn left off the chair and you’re there.


Mt. Spokane’s LTR Center features equipment designed to flex a little easier, slide a little smoother and generally give you the best chance of linking turns in as soon as possible. The kid’s product is specifically designed with the little ones in mind – with catch-free edges, Velcro boots for ease, and bindings a small mitt-covered hand can manage. Throw a Riglet towing accessory on the smallest boards, and no child is left behind.


If a kid can stand, they can snowboard. Our friendly, fun coaches are able to get your little one riding younger, better, and more quickly using Burton’s revolutionary equipment for children.

Kids’ LTR boards combine flat camber and a convex base for a catch-free ride to simplify stopping and turning. Burton’s XS boots are the smallest snowboard boot available. And the new Riglet Reel allows kids to feel the sensation of sliding on snow in a safe, controlled environment.



The programs and the gear Experience Snowboarding offers for women are specifically tailored for their style – from the way you ride to the way you like to interact as a group. Burton’s Women’s Progression boots & boards feature lighter materials and a softer flex pattern. Our Ladies Only clinics features Mt. Spokane’s best female coaches, Burton LTR rental gear, video review of the lesson, and more great benefits to get you riding in a familiar, comfortable enviroment.


Our Rental Shop features Burton Progression helmets for the littlest kids to the toughest adults. Safety is always a no-brainer.


Wake up and get excited… your life is about to change.

Some fluids and a little something to eat will keep energy levels up.

* H2O
Keep drinking water. You might not be sweating, but cold weather dehydrates you quickly.

Loosening up the legs, back and chest will center your shred chi.

It’s snowboarding, not an IRS audit. Be ready to have some fun and learn something new.

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