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Posted On: October 25, 2012 in: General

Backside Expansion Approved

In Thursday’s Commission decision, a large portion of the PASEA was classified as Natural Forest Area, which would set it aside for wildlife habitat and forest protection.  The proposed ski runs and lift, at approximately 80 acres, will be classified as Recreation and the remainder will be classified as Resource Recreation which would allow for back country skiing.

MS2000 will begin the permitting process immediately, and is hopeful of beginning construction in the summer of 2012.

The MS2000 Board of Directors and Staff want to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement through this long process leading up to this historic decision.  It was ultimately the broad based support of the Spokane Community that helped the Commission make this difficult decision.

Special Thanks To:

Commissioner Cindy Whaley from Spokane, who, on her own dime, spent hundreds of hours studying the data, researching the issues, touring the area and meeting with the public.  We are thankful to have her representing our community!

Mark Richard and the Spokane County Commissioners

Greater Spokane Incorporated

Spokane Convention and Visitors Bureau

Spokane Parks and Recreation

Mt. Spokane Ski Patrol

Spokane Ski Racing Association

Spokane Regional Sports Commission

Spokane Ski Club

Prime Timers

And the Thousands of Skiers and Snowboarders who took the time to write the Commission and provide public testimony!

Thank You!!!