Mt Spokane Natural Terrain Park

As you may know the word out on the street is that MTSTP (Mt. Spokane Terrain Parks) is going to have a New Natural Terrain Park for this coming season. Well those rumors are true! Here’s a little background and a sneak peak on the new park in the works.


Last weekend a work crew was up; all volunteers to help move in bigger features as well as build and create other all natural features. The crew helped work a full 8 hour day; started and completed the park in one day.

The Natural Terrain Park is located just off of Crash & Burn and loops through the trees back onto Lamonga. With multiple lines of features you can pick and choose a different line each time you roll through. There are numerous options such as hits, jibs, log rails, a bonk and even wall rides, four to be exact. We pulled out old down timber that were perfectly preserved and turned them into natural log rides. Everything in the park is made of downed timber from the surrounding area. Some logs were found on site and other wood was picked up, milled, and brought back up to use in the park.

We are very excited to have this new park, and it will be a great turning point for MTSTP as well Mt. Spokane. This year will be a test with this park, so things may change as the season progresses. If you have any question or ideas as the season goes on, you can always leave us a comment, or find us in the park.

The time to Shred is near!



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