Here is our park schedule for the 2017/2018 winter season. We will have more details as the events get closer. Please plan accordingly and hope to see you there!

Dec: 23rd: Jingle Rails

Jan 13th: Jam for Cans. 11:00 in the Half Hitch park. Entry will be 10 cans for food that will go towards Harvest Food Bank.

Feb 9th and 10th: The Kan Jam! Friday night, Feb 9th, is our Night Moves rail jam in front of lodge 2. Saturday Feb 10th will be the Half Hitch Ditch. This will be a tranny contest in the Half Hitch terrain park

Feb 24th: Mt Spokane Banked Slalom. Like to go fast and make turns? This event is for you.

March 3rd: Progression Sessions. A fun rail jam for beginner freestylers and kids!

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