Despite receiving about a foot of blower pow the night before the slalom, we still had our largest turnout yet for out 2nd annual Mt Spokane Banked slalom. The course featured a top section of fast yet technical berms with the lower section flatting out with tighter berms that required you keep your speed from the top section. At the end of the day our lowest times were:

Snowboard Open:

  1. Alex Drinkard: 44.13
  2. Trevon Bennet 44.99
  3. Shane Thompson 45.31

Ski Open:

  1. Alec Ferraro: 40.43
  2. Dylan Lancett: 42.29
  3. Tawayne Wooley: 44.43

Womens Snowboard:

  1. Nikki Roemer: 53.02
  2. Jadyn Avena: 56.74
  3. Ashlee Stevens 1.12

For the full list of times, including am categories, check out the link below!

banked slalom Times


All Photos shot by James Nisbet



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