These guys are up before the sun and don’t leave until it sets.  They dream about digging and bleed Park.  Every member of the Crew is completely dedicated to making MSTP Parks the BEST around.  The Crew prides itself on quality work and innovative features, but especially on interaction with you the riders, listening to feedback, and making MSTP Parks a product of collaboration with our riding community.

They do this for YOU – connect with them on the hill and you may very well see your suggestions come to life.

Your Park Crew

  • Zachary “Grandpa” Lingo

    Terrain Park Manager

    Digs digging

    Age: 38

    Years Riding: Lifetime

    Favorite Feature: The mountain

    Favorite Trick: Differs from day to day... anything I can land : )

    Background : Spokane, Wa. Southill Native
    United States Navy Veteran
    Life long obsession with skating, snowboarding, surfing
    Mt. Spokane Employee since 2010 (i think)
    Raised in a loving, fun, supportive family

    Something to know: Happily Married with baby on the way & 2 great dogs
    Second favorite hobbies are gardening and sewing

    Something Interesting: I had a full head of hair once.

    Inspiration: Get it, and keep it for as long as you can!

  • Phillip Schulz

    Parks Attendent / Parks Marketing Supervisor



    Terrain park attendant

    Years riding:

    Favorite feature:
    Small jumps

    Favorite trick:
    All of them

    Rails or Jumps:

    I started riding in College. I’m old.

    Something we should know about you:
    I’m a Christian, don’t hate. I prefer the outdoors to the indoors. I lead a ministry called Snowboarder and Skiers for Christ: Inland Northwest.

    Something interesting:
    My pinkies are crooked. I didn’t start drinking coffee till I was 27. I've spent the last two summers camping down at Mt Hood.

    Inspiration by Philip:
    "Jump on it"

  • Gabe Blackwood

    Park Attendant



    Postion:terrain park attendant

    Years Skiing:3 1/2

    Favorite Feature:Milli tube

    Favorite Trick:lip on blind two

    Rails or Jumps: both equal

    Background: Born and raise in Spokane.

    Something we should know about you: Always have loved nature and ripping on my planks.

    Something Interesting: More species of plant and animal live in the rainforest than any other land habitat.

    Inspiration by Gabe: Love life

  • Michael Komarov

    Parks Attendent



    Years riding:7

    Favorite trick: fat 180's

    Jumps or rails: jumps

    Favorite feature: milli tube

    Background: I was born and raised in spokane Washington, I have been participating in board activities for as long as I can remember

    Something we should know about you: I love snow

    Something interesting: most impressing facts about me is I am bilingual and can solve a Rubix cube haha

  • Will Kanishev

    Parks Attendent

  • Paul Duddy

    Parks Attendent


    Sideways is the right way

    Years Riding:
    A few

    Favorite Feature:
    Side Hit

    Favorite Trick:

    Rails or Jumps:

    Grew up riding Mt. Spokane. Its the place to be !

    Something we should know about you:
    I like to be outside

    Something Interesting:

    Inspiration by Paul:
    Don't litter

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