We are hanging on to our snow like it's melting!!! (but wait, the temperatures sure have gone up...) As we experience inversion weather, where the temps on the mountain are much warmer than the temps in town; we still have continued snowfall. For this week (Jan. 16-22) we have already had 8" in a 72 hour period. It may be a little heavier than our beloved fluff stuff that dumped early on this season, but any powder-hound would say new snow is good snow.

To reflect on this season's opening, we couldn't be more thankful for the early snow fall and coverage that we got - that got YOU up here! It has been a steady progression of snowfall over the past (almost) 2 months. A few heavy powder days (yahoo!!) gave us hope that we would be able to give you all everything we've got this season [and make it the best yet!]

If you haven't heard it enough (or more than once) - we would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving on our little mountain. Making our home, your home. And inviting your friends & family along for the ride(ing)!!


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