First Timer’s Guide

If you are thinking about coming up to the mountain for the first time, or want to get more familiar with your surroundings, sit back and check out our video series designed to get you acquainted and comfortable with your first ski or snowboard experience!


Getting Up To The Mountain
If you’ve never been to Mt. Spokane, there are a few easy routes to get up to the mountain in less than an hour.

Where Do I Go?
Once you’re on the mountain, you can find most services & facilities at the Main Lodge.

The Snow Sports Center
If you need a lift ticket plus ANYTHING else, the Snow Sports Center is the only stop you need to make.

The Rental Shop
If you need rental skis or snowboards, this video will familiarize you with the process of renting gear from Mt. Spokane’s Rental Shop!


What (Not) To Wear
Ski School Director “Mountain Momma” Maxine McIntyre offers advice on how to dress in a mountain environment.


Here are some helpful tips for a perfect first day on the hill:

  • Take a lesson!  This is the single best path to guaranteeing success .  Our certified, friendly, funny coaches will help you through the process with tips and tricks that make learning easy.
  • Dress for success.  A surefire way to give yourself a less-than-enjoyable experience your first time out (or any time in a winter environment, for that matter), is to wear cotton & denim.  We have a saying – “Cotton Kills” when on the hill.  Cotton soaks up water from the snow & moisture from sweat, then lowers your body temperature.  Jeans act the same way.  Always wear a layer of poly long underwear, followed by wicking insulating layers such as fleece.  Your jacket & pants should be fairly waterproof.  Gloves and a hat, or better yet, a helmet are a must.  Goggles will keep the cold temps and snow out of your eyes.
  • Give yourself time.  From choosing what to wear, to driving up the mountain road (which is usually well-groomed and clear), to arriving and wondering where to go, your first day as a new skier and snowboarder will be full of new experiences.  Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy them!  We recommend arriving at the ski area no less than an hour before your lesson start time – we’ve found this is the minimum time beginners need to navigate the new process.
  • Save money.  Package a lesson with lift ticket & rentals to save some dough – the Never Ever or EZ-Ski/Ride Packages are our most popular and save you 40-68%!  Experienced skiers & riders know there is always a way to save a little dough on your ski days.  Purchase lift tickets in advance online – the more planning ahead you do, the more money you can save.
  • Don’t forget to have fun!  We were all beginners at some point.  You will ALWAYS remember your first day on snow – Enjoy it!



Wake up and get excited… your life is about to change.


Some fluids and a little something to eat will keep energy levels up.

* H2O

Keep drinking water.  You might not be sweating, but cold weather dehydrates you quickly.


Loosening up the legs, back and chest will center your shred chi.


It’s snowboarding, not an IRS audit.  Be ready to have some fun and learn something new.


Read more about your first time snowboarding –>



  • Lodge 2, our Main Lodge, is where you can buy your lift tickets, sign up for lessons, and pick up your rental gear.  Lodge 1 does not have ski school or rental services, so be sure to pass by Lodge 1 and come up to Lodge 2.
  • Get here early enough to allow time to pick up your rentals and get your kids or yourself suited up for lessons – one hour before your lesson starts is the MINIMUM time you’ll need.  With wintery roads, excited kids, and new experiences, it will take longer than you think.  Have patience and wait for the reward!
  • Multiweek lessons check in at the far left outside ticket window of Lodge 2 – the sign with the snowman that says “Multiweek Lesson Check-In.”  There you will get your tickets and lesson voucher.  You will need to check in here each morning you have a lesson!
  • You can check in or sign up for all other regular daily lessons at the Snow Sports Center, inside the bottom floor of Lodge 2.
  • All lessons and rentals require a parent’s signature.  If you are not accompanying your child to the mountain, please download, fill out & sign, and send it with your minor when they come up.
  • The Rental Shop gets very busy in the mornings when checking out equipment – if you are not renting or helping your child get equipped, please wait upstairs in the cafeteria level or elsewhere.
  • This is very important – Mountain environments can change quickly and drastically – always dress for the worst!  No jeans, and avoid cotton garments, as they soak up moisture.  Goggles are necessary if snow starts flying or if the sun is bright.  Don’t forget sunscreen in the spring!  Beanies or wool hats are needed to keep the head and ears warm.  Fleece face masks can prevent frostbite in a blizzard.  Don’t throw on multiple layers of socks as they will constrict circulation and make your feet even colder.  Layers are best!
  • If parking gets busy and you have to park a long ways away from the lodge, we have free and convenient shuttles that will pick you up and bring you to the lodge of your choice.


As a skier or a snowboarder it is your responsibility to observe the code listed below and share with other skiers the responsibility for a great skiing experience.

  1. Always stay in control.
  2. People ahead of you have the right of way.
  3. Stop in a safe place for you and others.
  4. Whenever starting downhill or merging, look uphill and yield.
  5. Use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  6. Observe signs and warnings, and keep off closed trails.
  7. Know how to use the lifts safely.


As a first-time visitor, you will pass Lodge 1 (our secondary lodge, only open on weekends and holidays) and continue another half-mile to the main base area.  Here you will find all facilities, including the Main Lodge, Ski School, Rentals, Tickets, Season Passes, Food & Beverage, and Ski Patrol.  Your access to beginner terrain (Chair 5) is also here as well.


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