Ski Patrol

Mt. Spokane Ski Patrol is committed to skier safety and education, and to providing the finest first aid care to the guests of Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park. Look for one of the red and black jackets wherever you slide. The MSSP is one of the largest all-volunteer ski patrols in the country and also one of the first, being formed in 1938. Today the patrol consists of 130 volunteer patrollers that are present on the mountain each day and night during the season. Our patrollers are trained to the highest standards set by the National Ski Patrol. Each patroller must undergo over 130 hours of classroom, hands-on, and on-the-hill training for initial certification, plus annual update training sessions, and hands-on training all season long. MSSP has alpine and telemark skiers, snowboarders, student patrollers, and non-toboggan pullers (auxiliary), plus a Nordic Patrol for the Mt. Spokane State Park Nordic Area. The MSSP is an all-volunteer group, and a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. The annual Mt. Spokane Ski Patrol Ski Swap is the primary source of funding for the MSSP for operations, purchase of medical and first aid supplies, rescue equipment, and training materials.

Become a member
An annual recruiting event is held in late February or early March. Candidate patrollers undergo a 12-week, 90-hour class in Outdoor Emergency Care and an additional six-weekend “on-the-mountain” training program in the fall and early winter. Visit for more information.