Kan Jam 2015 Feb 7 postponed due to weather

We have gathered and processed some information on this weather system called the flying river that is moving in this weekend and decided to postpone the Rail Jam, the first event of KAN JAM 2015. Due to very wet weather and conditions we feel like you much rather enjoy not being soaked, filling your boots with water and having a fish bowl in your goggles while trying to show your best! We all much rather have some decent weather and snow to throw down your stuff. Therefore, we will be holding off  and postponing on the rail jam till further notice.

On the other hand we still plan to go forward with the Slopestyle contest next weekend February 14th and proceed from there with the point series and separate divisions in hand. We aren’t giving up yet, there is still a lot of season to be had and shredding do be done. For goodness-sake its only February!  We are looking on the bright side and staying hopeful for more to come, hope you are as well.


  • Keep on eye on the weather and pray for our snow back right here.
  • Also stay posted here for the most up-to-date news on all KAN JAM events and news.