KAN JAM 2016

KAN JAM 2016 is going to be a little different this year! Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park and Mt. Spokane Terrain Parks (MSTP)  have decided to spice things up and give you more chances to win. Kan Jam has been going for eleven years now and it hasn’t really changed since it started. Same format, same weekend, same events. Every Saturday in the month of February here, there will be a different event. Your normal three – Rail Jam, Slopestyle, Big Air – plus a NEW event in the Gnarwood Forest Natural Park.  We know how you feel after the second day of hiking the Slopestyle for your 3rd run. Finished.  Spacing out the events will give you more of a chance to rest in between and time to plan your next move.

February 6th this Saturday will be the first event of four, the Rail Jam right down in front of Lodge 2. Registration start at 9 am Saturday morning to 5:30 pm. 15 bucks per competitor and if you need a ticket an additional 15 bucks.

Either print out the registration form and bring it into Snow Sports or come in and register. Registration ends at 5:30 pm on Saturday Feb 6th and we will not take late entries. Event start at 6 in front of Lodge 2. See you there.

KAN JAM 2016 Registration FORM