We kicked off our contest season with our third annual Jingle Rails Jam. The set featured a variety of rails including a battleship tube combo and the crowd favorite round bar/elbow combo made into a Z rail. After taking some time to get warmed up, tricks started being put down on the harder features.

Johnny Kircher and Gabe Blackwook took best overall skier and snowboarder.

to round out the field were standouts Issac Busch, Cameron Fryman, Travis Maxey and Joel Allen for the snowboarders. Tawayne Wooley and Austin Middleton took home standout awards for the Skiers and Nikki Roemer took the Women’s division.

Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Jingle Rails 18 from Devin Harper on Vimeo.

Photos By: Jesse Sellers
Video by: Devin Harper