Here at MTSTP we believe in progression, that is why we have a variety of parks and features.


Progression starts with the very first turns you take as a skier or boarder to hitting 50-60 footers in the park or to wherever you want to take your riding skills. We offer multiply parks  you can progress through, starting with the Progression Park i.e. beginner park where you can learn how to hit small features. Such as small jumps that will give you minimal air time but allow you to feel like you are catching all the air in the world. There are also small rails and boxes that are low and safe to the ground with minimal consequences.

Moving into the medium park, Half Hitch Terrain Park you will find features and jumps that are a step above the progression park. Jumps anywhere from 10-20 foot tables to 30-40 foot step-ups. Boxes and rails that are setup for you to progress through allowing you to learn to hit bigger features.

And this year you have an all new way to progress with our NEW Natural Park with all natural features.

Everyone has to start somewhere and it is always better to start small and work you way up.

There are many ways you can get your voice heard in the park


If you have any questions, ideas, sketches you have of a feature idea, comments, things you would like to see changed or just want to talk park we would love to hear it

You can send us your sketches and ideas and we can see what we can do in implementing it in the park

If you just want to comment on something you like or dislike you can use either our Contact MTSTP link on our site here or our Facebook page

Also if your into social media we are on Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , Vimeo or YouTube to keep you up-to-date on park info, things happening in the park, and any new features you should look out for that may have popped up over night

Finally, whenever your in the park find us and we'd love to talk to you about the park. We are always around either in our blue coats or our yellow vest


We offer three terrain parks on Mt. Spokane. Here are the links to all of our parks on the site


The Progression Park located as you get off of Chair 3 to the left on Northwest Passage

Half Hitch Terrain Park is located at the top of Half Hitch

NEW Natural Features Park  can be accsessed either from Chair 3 or Chair 4 off of Crash and Burn in the trees and loops back onto Lamonga Pass

First things first.

Don't freak out.

Keep calm,

it happens to all of us.

We try our best to educated people on Park Smart and the ways of the park. With your help calling your drop, keeping clear of landings, and following the Park Smart guidelines as a daily rider you will pass on those practices to other riders with out even knowing it.

It takes all of us to create a better park.

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