Trail Reports


#1-Vista Cruiser:  Closed
#2-Illuminator:  Closed
#3-Parkway Express:  Closed
#4-Hidden Treasure:  Closed
#5-Beginner's Luck:  Closed
#6-Northwood:  Closed
Surface Lift:  Closed
Tubing Hill:  Closed

Terrain Parks

Gnarwood Forest:  Closed
Half Hitch Park:  Closed
Lamonga Pass Park:  Closed
Progression Park :  Closed


 LEGEND: NoviceNovice IntermediateIntermediate AdvancedAdvanced ExpertExpert GroomedGroomed
novice 3 to 4:  
novice 4 to 3:  
advanced Al's Alley:  
intermediate Alison's Way:  
intermediate B-29:  
novice Bail Out:  
advanced Big 200:  
novice Cat Track:  
novice Cat Track from 4:  
novice Ch. 6 Run 1:  
novice Ch. 6 Run 5:  
advanced Ch. 6 Run 7:  
intermediate Ch.6 Run 3:  
intermediate Ch.6 Run 4:  
advanced Ch.6 Run 6:  
novice Crash & Burn:  
novice Ego Flats:  groomed
advanced Elbow:  
advanced Exterminator:  
intermediate Gary's Glory:  
advanced Gates Park:  
novice Gold Cross:  
novice Half Hitch:  
advanced Hourglass:  
novice Johnson's Run:  
advanced Jump Hill:  
intermediate Lamonga:  
advanced Lost 200:  
advanced Lost Woods:  
advanced Lower Geronimo:  
advanced Lower Nastar:  
advanced Lu's Laine:  
advanced Meadows:  
intermediate New Bowl:  
advanced No Alibi:  
intermediate Northwest Passage:  
advanced Old Northwest:  
novice Pond Run:  
advanced Powder Shoot:  
intermediate Ridge Run:  
advanced Rock Slide:  
advanced Roller Coaster:  
intermediate Rulon Run:  
intermediate Short Shot:  
intermediate Siesta:  
advanced Skid Road:  
intermediate Skookum:  
advanced Smuggler's Notch:  
advanced South Meadows:  
intermediate Swede's Folly:  
advanced Teakettle:  
novice Trail to Chair #1:  
novice Trail to Ridge Run:  
advanced Two Face:  
advanced Upper Geronimo:  
intermediate Upper Nastar:  
intermediate Upper Northwest Passage:  
novice Warpath: